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Dating For Muslims

The Islamic world is wonderfully multifaceted. This religion has reached across the world and touched people of many different cultures. While this is a fascinating aspect of the international Islamic community, it can also make it difficult for those who are trying to find wives through Muslim dating websites. Because of this, men who are in the online Muslim dating scene need to be sensitive to cultural differences between themselves and the women they are dating. Here are a few tips for those who are currently seeking a Muslim wife through a dating site.


Treat Her (and Her Family) Respectfully


When you find a woman you are interested in online, take the time to learn what is required in order for you to date her. Make sure that you ask whether you need to permission from her father (or other elder male member of her family) prior to communicating with her regularly or asking her on a date.


Learn About Her Culture


It is important to make an effort to understand the background of any Muslim woman you are dating or speaking with online. This will not only show her that you care about her values, it will also give you the opportunity to determine whether the two of you have compatible outlooks on life.


Determine Whether Cultural Differences Are Minor


The big things are what make a successful marriage. Whether two people share the same religious, family and life values are probably the primary determiners of whether they can build a life together. Once you have learned a bit about the woman you are dating, take a step back and decide whether your differences are minor and will not interfere with your chances at a good marriage.


At, we strive to match Muslim singles based in real compatibility. We believe that when two cultures meet, the results can be surprisingly good, as long as the partners share a common core of values. By focusing on this, we believe that we can produce a good Muslim marriage for individuals who, due to their different cultural backgrounds, may never have otherwise met. © 2002-2021