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Dating for Muslim Men

So you’ve found a potential Muslim marriage material in a girl you saw on, now what? It’s easy to find lots of great Muslim singles on our website; the real challenge comes when it’s time to ask that beautiful girl out on a date. Here are seven dating tips for Muslim men.


1. Be Respectful


Every culture and religions has its own rules. Whether or not your date comes from the same religion or culture as you, it’s important to be respectful.


2. Do Some Research


Even if both you and your date are Muslim singles, it can be helpful to know a little bit about her home country. This can give you valuable insight into her culture and background.


3. Be Open-minded


It’s good practice to avoid giving into stereotypes in general, and this is particularly true when dating Muslim women. While many Muslim women may be portrayed as shy or quiet in the media, when the reality is the opposite. Come to your date without any pre-existing expectations.


4. Observe the Dress Code


It’s always a nice gesture to dress up in culturally appropriate clothing for dates. Note that if she doesn’t come from the same background as you do, she may have different rules when it comes to wearing the khimar.


5. Timing Is Everything


Be respectful of your date’s prayer schedule. Confirm with each other beforehand that the date will not interfere with prayer time.


6. Stay Away From Controversial Topics


Keep the conversation light on your first date. It’s fine to talk about personal traits like the desire for children, but it’s good to stay away from hot topics like politics until you know each other well.


7. Be Careful With Body Contact


While many Muslim women are accepting of modern dating rules, some may still be observant of taboos like handholding. It’s best to be careful and delay physical contact until you’re in a committed relationship.


Now that you’re equipped with these helpful dating tips, it’s time to get out there on the directory to find the right girl today. © 2002-2021