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We’ve all heard those sappy love stories where a hardened, tough-as-nails man’s man walks into the Laundromat and is immediately turned into a lovesick little boy at the sight of a beautiful woman. Their eyes meet, their souls connect, and the rest, as they say, is history. For as much as those currently adrift amongst the tumultuous waters of the Muslim dating scene don’t want to admit it, we’re all hoping for a similar story to play out in our lives. Yet for as many stories as there are about finding the perfect girl on the subway or at the corner market, more often than not, the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds or constant maze of blue-light specials don’t often make for ideal romantic atmospheres.

Where is the Ideal Place to Meet?

That said, bars and clubs typically don’t rank high up there on the list of places where long-lasting, committed relationships are born, either. That’s because the pressure to interact is so high, people often find it difficult to truly be themselves. It’s only in environments where people are allowed to be genuine that the seeds for strong relationships are often sown. These places or settings typically share the same three characteristics:

  • People feel safe there
  • Interaction is encouraged, but not demanded
  • Visitors, guests, or participants typically share the same interests and beliefs

With this in mind, consider what types of settings encourage this sort of open environment. Classes at a local college or community center are a good place to start. Participants are there to learn the same things, and are often required to work together to fulfill course objectives. While at might not seem so at first, the gym is also another good place to meet people. Exercise and activity already places people in a somewhat exposed atmosphere, thus they’re often ready to open up to others to interact. Local church and civic activity groups also offer a welcoming and open environment to singles.

Your search for that special someone swimming in the sea of Muslim singles out there certainly isn’t going to be an easy one. Yet it’s often those things that are the most difficult to find that we treasure the most. You’re also not without help in this journey, either. can help get you started by giving you the chance to meet a number of Muslim young women or Muslimas as anxious for a storybook Muslim marriage as you are. © 2002-2024