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Marriage for Muslims

At, we know how exciting it can be to find the man or woman you think could be the right one for Muslim marriage. We also know that it can be easy for Muslim singles to get swept up in the romance of a new relationship without asking the tough questions that ultimately determine compatibility. When it comes to Muslim dating, here are our top 10 tips for truly finding the one.


1. Falling for Potential


Sometimes two people marry each other hoping that one or the other will change. Never assume you can change a person. Likewise, don’t marry someone you wish you could change.


2. Choose Character First


While chemistry and physical attraction are certainly important, character matters most and will still be there long after looks fade.


3. Be There Emotionally


Muslim men and women all have emotional needs. It’s important that they are mutually met.


4. Share a Common Purpose


It’s said that in marriage you either grow together or grow apart. Marrying someone who has a life plan similar to yours increases your odds of growing together.


5. Delay Physical Activity


In traditional Muslim dating rules, it’s important to delay any physical activity until you are committed in marriage.


6. Look for an Emotional Connection


Besides just being present emotionally, you should also respect and trust your future husband or wife as well as feel safe and at peace with them.


7. Know Yourself


It’s important to know and stay true to yourself throughout the dating process so you can spot any red flags that arise, like controlling behavior.


8. Be Honest


Openness and communication are the keys to a happy marriage, just like vulnerability. Make sure you and your partner are completely open with each other.


9. Take Responsibility


Make sure that you are not entering a marriage because you hope the other person will make you happy. Marry because you are both happy and ready to commit your lives to each other.


10. Ensure Your Emotional Needs Are Met


Unfortunately, it’s common to choose a husband or wife who doesn’t meet your emotional needs. Ensure he or she will be able to balance family and friend relationships with your marriage.


Now that you know what to look for in terms of marriage material, it’s time to get out there on the directory and find your perfect match. © 2002-2024