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Meet your Muslim Match

Is he or she the one? If you are among the Muslim singles seeking a marital partner, this is an important question. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a budding romance, but slow down and contemplate whether the two of you are truly compatible.


Spend Time Together


Before rushing into becoming husband and wife, get to know your potential spouse. You can do this several ways:


  • “Halal dating” experiences such as going to dinner, playing a sport, or watching a movie 


  • Corresponding via the Internet


  • Phone conversations


Because Muslim dating rules require chaperones, premarital get-togethers are good opportunities for your family and potential partner to get to know each other, too. Remember, a Muslim marriage joins your families, not just the two of you.


Character Matters More Than Chemistry


When a man and a woman have chemistry, it can be thrilling, but character is even more important over time. After getting to know your potential spouse, ask yourself whether he or she possesses crucial traits:


  • Kindness: Kind individuals are givers. They do their best to help and please others. Notice how your marriage prospect treats his or her family members, friends, and even strangers. A kind person will be respectful to everyone, including waiters, shop clerks, and children.


  • Contentment: A content person is generally happy and upbeat. Of course, everyone has an off day, but individuals who are grateful for what they have and who rarely complain are pleasures to be with.


  • Responsibility: A responsible man or woman is stable with relationships, jobs, and finances. This person is trustworthy and reliable.


Humility: Humble individuals put their values above convenience. They are modest and aren’t quick to anger. © 2002-2024