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If you are looking forward to a Muslim marriage or are planning your nuptials, these ten tips will help you to have a successful relationship and lasting life together.


1 – Finances


It is important to be on the same page financially. Set a budget and determine who will keep track of the expenses.


2 –In-Laws


Marital disputes can easily arise when you fail to accommodate the in-laws. Try to avoid comparisons and understand that each spouse will most likely prefer his or her own family at first.


3 – Spirituality


Muslim singles throughout the world have varying levels of spirituality, depending on their background and where they grew up. Try to focus on where you are compatible and build your faith from there, both while you are dating and after marriage


4 – Stress


All marriages involve stress of some kind. Find ways to minimize the stress in your life, whether it be attending the mosque, going on a walk, or reading the Quran.


5 – Parenting


Aim to be on the same parenting page to avoid tension in your marriage. If you prefer, you can work together to learn Islamic parenting techniques.


6 – Sex


Be honest with your partner about sex and your needs, while still respecting the Islamic culture that surrounds this practice.


7 – Spouse


In Islamic marriages, you are obligated to honor your spouse’s rights. Try to understand his or her needs so you can uphold your part in the relationship.


8 – Respect


Having a disagreement does not mean that your marriage is a failure. However, a lack of respect towards your partner during disagreements can lead to marital problems.


9 – Intercultural Marriages


Mixing cultures in a marriage can be challenging but can work if the relationship is built on mutual respect and love.


10 – Modernism


In more modern relationships, females work and may lack a high level of domestic skills. Couples should work together to promote harmony in the home if these circumstances create contention.


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