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Muslima Dating

This is it! You’re ready to get off of the sidelines of the Muslim dating game and jump into the action. Finding the perfect girl may be an exciting proposition, but one that’s sure to be filled with a number of emotional twists and turns. Never will you feel so emotionally high at one moment only to question the meaning of life, love, and the universe itself the next. Yet not to worry; your roadmap to a happy Muslim marriage has a number of road signs along the way with advice that, if heeded, can make your journey much more worthwhile.

Counsel that Could Lead to a Commitment

Meeting the right girl and keeping her doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of the female mind, but rather a better understanding of your own personal romantic goals and motives. With that in mind, consider these tips during your search for your soul mate:

  • Exclusivity = Safety: It’s true that there are a lot of fish in the sea. Only one, however, is meant for you. If you find a girl with whom you see the potential for a long-term commitment, commit yourself to be exclusive to her. She wants someone with whom she can feel secure, not a guy who’s going to pull her into an emotional bidding war for his affections.
  • Live in the moment: Although looking long-term is a good idea, don’t let it dominate your thoughts to the point of not enjoying your current courtship. You may start off not seeing a future with this gal, but could quickly find that a string of exciting current events can easily form the foundation for a lasting relationship.
  • Open up to her: The cliché is that men are tough and reserved, and women want them to be that way. The truth, however, is very different. Your future wife will want to know you better than anyone else. Thus, you need to be willing to invite her into the deepest recesses of your heart and your mind.

This really is an exciting time for Muslim singles to find a Muslima. Never before have you had access to such a wide range of potential partners. We here at have given you all the resources that you need in order to succeed in your quest to find love. Your path has been set; are ready to follow it? © 2002-2021