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Muslima Dating

Although many Muslim singles are most concerned with finding a spouse or Muslima, it’s important to remember that finding a partner is only the first step. A solid Muslim marriage can last for the rest of your life and beyond, so here are some tips to help you prepare for married life.


Be Respectful


First of all, treat your spouse with respect. Even if they occasionally make bad decisions, your spouse has chosen to be with you forever and should be respected for that decision.


Say Thank You


Show appreciation for your spouse. Never make him or her feel that they aren’t doing enough or that you don’t care about their efforts.


Put Them First


Be sure that you have your priorities in order. Many parents make the mistake of putting their children before their spouse, but you cannot raise children effectively in a troubled marriage.




If you can learn to forgive your spouse for everything from minor annoyances to major mistakes, then you can keep resentment from growing and build your relationship.




Communicate often and clearly. This helps defuse problems before they start.


Be Patient


Try not to get angry with your spouse or Muslima. Anger is an easy way to quickly ruin a relationship. If something is wrong, losing your temper will almost never help.




Don’t be afraid to laugh. God wants you and your spouse to be happy, and encouraging each others’ sense of humor is key to a healthy relationship.




Both of you should work hard. Every couple will have a different work situation, but men shouldn’t be afraid to help their wives around the house and women should be willing to assist their husbands.


Choose to Love


There will be times where it might be difficult to love your spouse and Muslima. Always remember, though, that love happens by choice, not chance, and if you choose to love despite the hard times you will be much happier.


Improve Yourself


Finally, instead of worrying about finding the right person, worry about being the right person. The key to successful Muslim dating is being the kind of person you’d like to marry. That way you’re much more likely to find—and keep—the right spouse. © 2002-2021