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Muslima for You?

If you’re like most Muslim singles out there, you want to find someone with whom you share a romantic connection who also shares your same beliefs and values. Oftentimes, finding someone who meets both criteria can be difficult. Thus, when you find someone who fills one of the two, the temptation may be to quickly commit to a serious relationship for fear of never finding another one who even comes close to being what you want.

Some Points to Ponder

The problem with that line of thinking is that you might find yourself settling for the safety of immediate companionship rather than taking a chance on finding your true soul mate. At the same time, that’s not to say that your relationship with your current partner can’t blossom into the romance that you’ve always dreamed of. Thus, here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine if he or she is truly “The One”:

  • Where are my reservations coming from? It’s perfectly normal to have anxiety over committing to what could be a long-term relationship. Yet you should take a moment to consider whether your concerns are directly related to your partner, or simply the current circumstances that you’re in.  
  • Would I change anything in him or her? Too often, people enter into a marriage or a committed relationship expecting that their partner will eventually change into the kind of person that they want them to be. When that doesn’t happen, they’re often disappointed. If you’re considering making a commitment, ask yourself if changes in your partner’s fundamental nature are vital for the long-term success of your relationship.
  • Are the “fairy tale” moments there? No relationship ever ended because of too much romance. Rather, it’s only after introducing the stresses of daily life together that people start to doubt their choice of partner. Take a moment to consider if your relationship has enough of those magical moments to make enduring the challenges worth it.

No one ever said that the Muslim dating game would be easy. However, finding that special someone with whom you can share in the experience of a happy Muslim marriage makes it worth it in the end. We here at can help turn that dream into a reality by matching you up with someone who meets both your desires for romance and shared beliefs. Let us help get your happily ever after started today. © 2002-2024