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Muslims for Marriage

No one ever enters into a Muslim marriage thinking its a free muslim marriage or that it’s going to end. Rather, they hope that the love that they share with their partners will last forever. Unfortunately, reality shows us that simply isn’t the case. Muslim marriages face the same challenges associated with marriages of any other faith, whether they are free muslim marriage as well as some unique ones all their own.

When Are Divorces Most Common?

Studies have shown that there are certain points in the timeline of a marriage where divorce is most common. These are:

  • 1-2 years: This is the point in most marriages where couples start to realize that the honeymoon is over and now they’re left facing the cold, hard reality of all of their partner’s flaws.
  • 5-7 years: This is viewed as the veritable “point of no return” for many couples. They may have worked through initial differences to become reasonably comfortable with each other, but now decisions such as starting a family, buying a house, and putting down permanent roots are staring them square in the face.
  • 25-30 years: It’s at this point that the kids start moving away, and people realize that so much of their love was directed towards their children that they really don’t have a lot left over for their spouses.

How Can Couples Succeed Together?

Most relationship experts agree that the key to overcoming the challenges associated with these times is for couples to be committed to the same short- and long-term goals. This makes them more likely to work together to make their lives work, rather than simply putting up with each other. The foundation for such goals is rooted in shared values and principles. When people are driven by the same desires as their spouses, they’re much more open to giving the other’s best interests the same amount of consideration as their own.  

Finding your soul mate among the many Muslim singles out there may be challenging, but it’s ultimately worth it if you’re able to overcome the challenges that every couple is sure to face in their lives together. Here at, we’ve seen firsthand just how strong and enduring a Muslim dating relationship founded upon shared beliefs and goals can be. With our help, you can find that person with whom sharing a lifetime together is a privilege, not a challenge. © 2002-2024