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10 Tips for a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Many Muslim leaders are worried about the failing marriage rates seen in the world, especially among their own communities. Muslim singles are all too ready to do what they need to do to make a good marriage great, but they may forgot some of the most important advice as the years of marriage go by. Keep in mind some of these tips help your Muslim marriage stay strong.


  1. Faith first – If you obey Allah (swt) first, you will always be in the right frame of mind to do everything you need to keep your marriage healthy.


  1. Be kind – A smile or gentle word goes a long way, whether you are a husband or a wife.


  1. Keep your anger in check – Feeling emotions is good, but do not get carried away and say or do hurtful things to your spouse.


  1. Be polite – Do not fall into a routine where you neglect to say a simple thank you when you wife or husband does something nice.


  1. Have fun – Jokes and pranks are a great way to stay close as long as you do not hurt other’s feelings along the way.


  1. Take care of your appearance – Both men and women should take care to look attractive to their spouse in dress and with grooming.


  1. Make the home peaceful – As you family grows, you can make you marriage and home better by actively bringing peace to your home.


  1. Go to work – Both husband and wife need meaningful work to do. It is never good for one or the other to sit around, doing nothing to help the family. This often means outside employment for the husband and managing the household for the wife.


  1. Be trustworthy – Never ever lie to your spouse, it only creates tension, resentment, and anger.


  1. Show affection – Both men and women grow stronger when they are allowed to show physical affection. Do not be afraid to give your spouse a hug, kiss, or warm welcome after a long day away from home. © 2002-2019