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Muslim Dating Advice

Selecting a spouse is a tall order in a world full of competing messages about who we are supposed to marry and why. Cutting through the noise surrounding this important issue can be difficult for Muslim singles contemplating getting married. Determining whether the man or woman you are currently dating is the right person for you to marry can be complicated. These little tips will help you decide if he or she is the right one for you.


Respect and Admiration


How do you feel about the person you have met through the Muslim dating scene? There are many facets to attraction, including:


  • Feelings of respect and admiration
  • Intellectual compatibility
  • Shared life goals
  • Similar desires with regards to family life and household structure
  • Similar values


Though physical attraction is an essential component of any healthy Muslim marriage, these other facets are going to keep the relationship strong for the long term. Respect and genuine admiration for your spouse also cements two people together for life.


Compatible Goals and Ambitions


Sharing goals, ambitions, and values will keep you and your spouse working together towards the same outcomes. These factors can be pivotal in the overall success of a marriage. Since a couple has to work together to create a harmonious household, having shared goals in mind will help with the accomplishment of this lifelong effort.


Men and women in the initial stages of courtship should talk frankly with one another regarding personal values and overarching life goals. Compatibility in these things will help a couple grow stronger together. This strength is an invaluable part of building a lasting life together.


A New Life Together


Married couples begin a new life together once the ceremony takes place. This important relationship should not be entered into without a lot of heartfelt consideration. Watch for the signs of true love and think critically about what your goals regarding life, marriage, and family. When all the signs line up, you will know that you have found a good match. © 2002-2021