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Muslim Dating Profiles

Creating an online dating profile is the first step towards a successful Muslim dating experience. At, we have thousands of members who are waiting to find you. In order to attract their attention, we suggest the following five tips to make your dating profile stand out.


1 - Show Photos


The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” holds true on our dating website. Muslim singles enjoy putting a face to the profile description. Do not be afraid to include multiple pictures, and consider sharing pictures that showcase your personality.


2 - Avoid Clichés


Most people looking for a courtship that leads to Muslim marriage will look past clichés in profiles. It’s generic to say you enjoy “walking on the beach.”  Instead, be original and describe your traits, talents, and interests.


3 - Be Honest


A fake profile will not help you find a lasting Muslim relationship. Therefore, if you do not read the Quran for two hours each day, then do not say you do. Most people want to get to know the real you, so tell the truth.


4 - Update Your Profile Regularly


If you have had the same profile for a while, then it may be time to update it. Add a few new photos from your recent travels or holidays. Also, include any exciting details about new hobbies you have discovered or successes you have had at work.


5 - Shorter is Better


Try to limit the amount of content you include on your profile page. You want to say enough to catch people’s attention, but not so much that they are bored. Most people do not want to read a novel when they come across a profile. If yours is too long, they might simply move on without getting to know you.


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