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Benefits of Muslim Dating

These days, it seems as though almost everything has gone online. Telecommuting now allows us to work online. E-commerce allows us to shop online. Social media even allows us to interact online. Given that so many of the traditional forums through which we meet new people have migrated to the digital world, it seems only logical that the way romantic connections are made would also head in that direction. Yet for some reason, many Muslim singles are still hesitant to give online dating a try.

Online vs. In-Person

Any forum in which you’re opening yourself up to others can have its risks. Yet online services, particularly Muslim dating services, have a number of distinct advantages, as well. These include:

  • Safety: We’ve all been in those situations we’re we initiated a conversation with someone at a bar or in a club and quickly come to regret it. Yet few have the courage to simply walk away from that conversation for fear of being rude. In many instances, we’ll even give out our phone number or email address just to be polite, only to end up being stalked and harassed.  In an online setting, you control how long the conversation goes, and the expectations are such that you only initiate personal contact when you really want it.
  • Values: It’s often impossible to tell what someone’s values and beliefs are simply by their appearance. Thus, you end up meeting people who have vastly different goals and ambitions as you. Participating in a specialized online sating service ensures that those you are meeting share many of your same attitudes and philosophies. This means that you both have a common ground on which to build a relationship.
  • Selection: If you think you’re in the minority when it comes to participating in online dating, think again. Statistics show that every year, over 40 million people visit online dating sites. Thus, you’re assured to have plenty of potential suitors to choose from.

Many of those same people who’ve been skeptical of their chances of finding a soul mate via an online dating service are the same ones who today share stories of how their willingness to give such a service a try ended in a happy Muslim marriage. We at have provided you with the ideal forum for finding others like you who are also in search of that special someone. Why not give it a try?


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