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Muslim Women Dating

Muslim women are all different, of course, so what each one is looking for in a partner will be slightly different. A woman who is focused on her career will seek a husband who will support her pursuits, and a wife-to-be who is interested in being a homemaker and stay-at-home mom will look for a spouse who desires the same lifestyle. There are, however, some things that female Muslim singles are searching for.


Emotional Connection


In order to be happily wed, a woman needs to be emotionally connected to her husband. She needs to be able to answer “yes” to the following questions.


  • Do I trust him?
  • Do I admire and respect him?
  • Do I feel peaceful in his presence?
  • Can I be myself?


Good Character


Women want someone who they know has good character. This is even more important than education, income, and physical appearance. Some specific character traits that attract Muslimas include:


  • Compassion: A kind man is attractive. When a fellow treats his parents, friends, and strangers with respect, kindness, and decency, a woman knows he will do the same for her.


  • Generosity: When a potential husband gives of his time, money, and attention, a more harmonious Muslim marriage can occur.


  • Responsibility: Responsible men uphold their duties at work, home, and in life, all which matter greatly.


Spirituality and Morality


Muslim women seek spiritual partners who will stick with them through hardship and adversity. A shared vision of spirituality can go a long way toward creating a rock-solid Muslim marriage, because a couple’s morals and values are aligned.


Meeting Potential Partners


In our busy and mobile society, it can sometimes be challenging to meet the right person. Muslim singles may interact through “halal” Muslim dating or be introduced to others by family members, but that doesn’t always bring a wide variety of prospects. At, there are thousands of men and women searching for the right person to marry. After you join the site, you can view profiles and photos, chat, and connect with the spouse you’ve been looking for. © 2002-2021